[UiM xa] Urpa i musell goes Irkus

  • Limited T-Shirt Edition in collaboration with Irkus (M) Zeberio.
  • Bubblegum Pink 100% Cotton T-Shirt.
  • Silkscreen printed at Máquina Total (BCN). Front (black) & back print (black and emerald green).

Here we have the first T-shirt by Urpa i musell. We came up with the idea not necessarily because the label needs merchandise but because we wanted an excuse to collaborate again with the great people we’ve worked with before. This is the case here: a drawing by Irkus (M) Zeberio, 50% of Máquina Total, printed by Máquina Total themselves. The Raval printers were behind the risography insert included in the Molforts release (UiM 003). We love everything they do, their crazy perfect imperfection!

Photographs by Sara Pons Florit.

¡Muchas gracias, Irkus y Pablo!