[UiM xb] Urpa i musell goes Jordi Mitjà

Here we have our second T-shirt! On this occasion we have asked to Jordi Mitjà to design it, a new chance to work with him, after he partially burnt one by one each Molforts’ box set.

Jordi Mitjà is a well-known artist in Spain. His work emerges from the study of particular materials from the area where he lives and in which he grew up. He operates from an appropiationism redrawn in terms of archival logic. In other words, his work is born from an ambivalent process of accumulation and rejection of knowledge that simultaneously function as a trigger for the execution of his work.

2020 has been an important year for him. He had an important exhibition, where his entire career was comprehensively reviewed, called “Succeeix cada dia (It Happens Every Day)” at Fabra i Coats (Barcelona). In addition, Jordi became the main character –without looking for it– of one of the most celebrated art vaudevilles this year. During the lockdown there was a mysterious find in Onyar –Girona’s river–, “La dama de l’Onyar (Onyar’s Madonna)”. Lots of hypotheses were made after the discovery about its origin and period. Many conjectures were on the table until it was found that the piece was an eighties Jordi’s sculpture, part of a performance at the discotheque La Sala del Cel. Check the story in the newspapers, it’s really interesting and also entertaining. Also during the lockdown and because of Jordi’s impossibility to work in his atelier, he began a series of drawings made using the typewriter Olivetti Valentine. Jordi Mitjà’s design for the T-shirt is based on one of his gorgeous typewriter drawings!

The T-shirt has been silkscreened with much care and love (this silkscreen was difficult to achieve!) by our friends and also collaborators Máquina Total, responsible of printing Molforts’ inserts and silk-screening both T-shirts.

Andrea RS and Albert Fontanals –both of them friends of the label– are here at the same time photographers and models of the pictures. Andrea’s sharp eye and Albert’s endless energy are present in the pictures. We were looking for close felt photos, easy but classy, and here they are!

We have just made 30 long-sleeved T-shirts, all in beige, 100% cotton, in S, M, L, XL and XXL. First come, first served!

Moltíssimes gràcies Jordi, Pablo, Irkus, Andrea i Albert!