Urpa i musell

Urpa i musell (meaning Snout and claw in Catalan) is a record label conceived – almost unconsciously – throughout the years during long lunch time conversations – meals, drinks, coffees…even the occasional shot – at Discos Paradiso, a record store in Barcelona.

This project, initiated around a table by Arnau, Gerard and Ignasi, is made possible thanks to the artists, friends, collaborators, acquaintances and even strangers with whom we have shared, currently share and will share this initiative. Thanks to all of them!

As a label, we want music that we love to be made available to everybody. It doesn’t matter when or where it was recorded, although we do admit to have a particular fondness for music made locally.

We hope that you will all enjoy the result of our work as much as we enjoy the process of putting it out.

Big hugs to you all and stay tuned.

Arnau, Gerard and Ignasi

Urpa i musell